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Smoothies are a yummy way to get fruit and vegies into kid’s without them knowing how good it is for them. Sneaky right? Our reusable mini smoothie cup is the perfect size for toddlers and kids. A great insulated toddler cup for little hands that is tough and won’t spill. But you don’t have to just use this reusable smoothie cup for smoothies. Fill your tumbler with your little ones favourite, juice, infused water or milkshake.

Why is Montii.Co reusable mini smoothie cup so Rad??

Montii.Co cup and lid are made from stainless steel. The cup is double walled to keep your drink cool.  Mini size is perfect for young kids to hold on to. Tough so kids won’t smash it if they drop it. Smoothie cup comes with reusable stainless steel straw eliminating the use of plastic straws which land up in landfill. Encourages kids to try healthy smoothies with its new RAD look!! The cups also come with a brush to clean the stainless steel straw. So put you favourite smoothie in this awesome reusable cup, close the lid tight and your ready to go. No spills, no messes, only icy cold drinks!!

Montii.Co mini smoothie cup features:

Large 275ml capacity

Insulated double wall stainless steel – she’s a tough and cooling.

Stainless steel lid + thick straw (it even has a stopper so the straw won’t pop out)

Bright, fun colours in a scratch and dent resistant finish.

Easy to keep clean. She won’t hang onto flavours.

Get handsy with Montii – we recommend hand washing.

Fits in a car drinks holder.

Match it up with Montii.Co original drink bottle and you are all set to be cool all day!

Also available in 450ml cup capacity


Cup dimensions: 9cm x 13cm
Straw is 18cm in length
Gift box dimensions: 18cm x 9.5cm



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Dusty Pink, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Slate