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Keep your baby cool this summer with Pram Fans

Pram fans are the coolest pram accessory! This innovative little fan has blades made of soft foam. It won’t hurt your babies fingers if touched during operation. It will stop rotating immediately if touched.

Pram fans can be clipped firmly to the pram, stroller or anywhere you need to keep your baby cool. The fan has a strong clip with a broad jaw width. It also has a flexible neck allowing it to be pointed in any direction and angle.

Pram Fans have been specially developed with safety in mind. All Pram Fan models have been tested against and comply with Australian Standard Safety of Toys AS/NZS 8124 (Part 1+2+3).

So when you are out and about use a Pram fan so your babies are cool and comfortable. Pram fans are powered by 2 AA batteries making them inexpensive, easy to use and functional.



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