Snotty 3 Nasal Aspirator


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Snotty 3 Nasal Aspirator

Tired of using manual nasal aspirators that don’t work? They leave your baby/infant irritated and you frustrated! The ulitmate solution is now here! The Snotty 3 Nasal aspirator! Snotty 3 Nasal aspirator will remove snot from your baby’s nose gently and safely in 5 seconds. It is the best battery operated nasal aspirator for newborns, babies, toddlers and preschoolers. A medicine cabinet essential.Imagine not being able to blow your nose when you are sick. This baby nose aspirator will help your child breathe and feel better instantly! A safe, easy, natural solution for treatment of colds, flu, sinus, allergies and teething-related congestion.

Save time and money on doctor visits, chemists and medicines by removing congestion quickly at the source and minimising the risk of secondary infection.


Why is Snotty 3 Nasal aspirator the best aspirator on the Market?

If you have ever tried cheap, manual bulb snot suckers that require parents to squeeze or release at the right time you know kids hate them and they don’t work! Some aspirators require an adult to suck through a tube with their own mouth to create a suction vacuum which is unhygienic, totally impractical and completely frustrating. Snotty Nasal aspirator is battery operated, easy to use and does the job in 5 secs. Convenient to use at home. Eliminates the need of going to emergency for intense mucus extraction by medical staff in the middle of the night.

Battery powered baby nasal aspirators have been rated in the “Cleverest Inventions for Parents” on Kidspot!


How to use Snotty 3 Nasal aspirator?

Place Snotty 3 Aspirator gently inside your baby/toddler’s nose. Simply press the power button with 1 finger to start the motor, and let the constant gentle suction of the Snotty Aspirator do the rest. It’s that easy! No more squeezing bulbs or sucking your kid’s snot! Extracted mucus is easily contained in the new, larger collection cup. Simply rinse your SNOTTY under hot water to clean the nozzle and collection cup and to flush the motor compartment.

We understand that no baby likes to have anything up their nose! But the medical benefits of removing snot at the source (before it can become a secondary chest or ear infection) far outweighs a moment of fuss.

Snotty aspirator is safe to use. It has one way suction. Snot cannot be pushed back into the nasal cavity.  Keep calm and show your child there is nothing to be scared about. Once the snot is gone your baby will breathe, feed and sleep better. Snotty Aspirator assists in quicker recovery from cold and congestion. If you’ve struggled to use other nasal aspirators or manual bulb suction devices in the past, you will be delighted by how easy the Snotty range is to use.

Easy and effective tips to use Snotty Aspirator

The new Snotty 3 Aspirator has the quietest motor of all electric aspirators on the market. But if your child is unsure about the noise, let them listen to music, watch some TV or practice counting down for rocket launch 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!   Remember it only takes a few seconds to do each nostril. The health benefits of the “Snotty 3” far outweigh a moment of fuss. If your child is very congested, you can do a POWER SNOTTY action – cover one nostril with your fingertip, and use the Snotty in the other nostril.  This creates an intense vacuum, that really clears out the nose.

The “Snotty 3 Aspirator” is completely water proof, so use it in the bath, while you play a splashy game!

We recommend doing a few squirts of saline solution prior to aspirating with the “Snotty 3”. It will loosen up the mucus and ensure maximum volume is extracted.   A refillable saline spray bottle is included along with Snotty 3 Nasal aspirator.


The Snotty 3 Aspirator Features

  • Battery powered
  • Constant, steady suction – that is the key to its success.
  • Quieter motor design. A couple of seconds in each nostril and it’s done!
  • Ergonomically designed to be used 1 handed, while your child is sitting up or lying down
  • It is the best way to remove snot from baby’s nose, quickly, easily, and gently IN SECONDS, allowing children to breathe, feed, sleep and feel better.
  • Extracted mucus is easily contained in the new, larger collection cup.
  • Clears high into the nasal passages, and reduces the risk of secondary ear, throat and respiratory infections.
  • Use multiple times each day, as required.
  • No more sore, red noses from constant tissue use.
  • Australian owned and listed on the Australian Register of Theraputic Goods – TGA (ARTG No 211027)
  • Fully waterproof for your convenience, simply rinse your SNOTTY under hot water to clean the nozzle and collection cup and to flush the motor compartment.
  • Totally portable, just tuck it into your bag and take it with you wherever you go.


Power: 2 x AA batteries (not supplied) Energizer Alkaline batteries are recommended

Contains 3 nozzles – newborn, baby and child size, and 2 spare o-rings

Suction: Approx. 50 kPa

One year warranty on manufacturing and motor faults.


Please ensure thorough and regular cleaning of the Snotty Aspirator, to ensure optimum performance and lifespan.

The entire Snotty Aspirator unit is completely waterproof for easy cleaning.

Remove the silicon tip and collection cup and rinse under the hot water tap.

Dip the battery handset in hot water and activate the motor to rinse.

Do not boil or place parts in the dishwasher.

Snotty 3 Nasal Aspirator  comes with Free 12 ml refillable Saline Spray Bottle.

This convenient nasal spray bottle is perfect for use PRIOR to nasal aspiration. It provides an ideal mist for the nasal cavity and loosens up the mucus.

Fill the bottle with saline solution, available from chemists. Or make your own saline mixture at home. A simple recipe for baby nasal saline is to dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm pre-boiled water.

The saline will loosen up the mucus and also work as a natural bacterial inhibitor. This nasal spray bottle is a perfect size, and it’s refillable.




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