MontiiCo Mega bottle bumpers




Love your MontiiCo Mega drink bottle? Worried about denting the bottle if you accidentally dropped it or its been kicking around your gym bag or your kids school bag?

Worry no more! MontiiCo mega bottle bumpers are a protective cover for your drink bottle and they’re here! Perfect to for handling whatever you or your kid throws at it! Drink up and touch down with a soft landing. Our Mega bottle bumpers give your MontiiCo Bottle a cheeky edge.


Why MontiiCo Mega Bottle Bumpers so great?

Slip a Bottle Bumper on your MontiiCo mega drink bottle base for a soft landing on hard surfaces. The durable silicone material gives your bottle extra protection against drops, rubs and scuffs. Keeping your Montii mega drink bottle as rad as the day you bought it. Pick up the same Bottle Bumper colour as your drink bottle, or mix and match to put a spin on your usual style – it’s a world of play!

Fits MontiiCo Mega Bottles.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Bluestone, Cloudy Grey, Lavender, Plum, Rouge, Seabreeze, Black, White

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