Fridge 2 Go Medium Spare Panels


Fridge 2 Go Medium Spare Panels

Keep a spare medium panel in the freezer at all times and your lunch bag will always be ready to use.

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Fridge 2 Go Medium Spare Panels

Keep an extra Fridge-to-go medium spare panel in the freezer just for one of those days! Kids are so busy having fun, sometimes its hard to keep track of so many different things. If you or the kids have forgotten to take the freezer panel out of the fridge-to-go lunch box after school, don’t get stuck the next day! Have a spare in the freezer so you can still keep lunches cool and fresh!

They also fit in My family fridge to go lunchbags

– Fits the MEDIUM size lunch bag (FTG-3050)
– Contains 290ml of liquid
– Biodegradable panel contains non-toxic purified salt water



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Weight 500 g

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