Ecococoon Small Bottle Cuddler




Love your Ecococoon bottles but worried about them getting dented or scratched? Kids may drop the bottle while play time at school or when out and about. Ecococoon bottle cuddler is the perfect accessory to protect your kid’s bottle from whatever your kid throws at it.

Ecococoon bottle cuddlers are made from neoprene (wetsuit) material. The small bottle cuddlers fit 350ml  Ecococoon bottle perfectly.  Kids can wear the handy strap around their wrist taking their water bottle whenever they go.

Ecococoon Small Bottle Cuddlers Features:

  • Protects Ecococoon bottles from wear and tear
  • Small size fits 350ml Ecococoon bottles.
  • Gentle machine wash and line dry recommended.
  • Dimensions: 13.5cm (h) | 7cm (w)

Additional information

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