Bulla Baby Regular Modern Cloth Nappies


Bulla Baby Regular Modern Cloth Nappies

  • Soft PUL/Minky fabric
  • Breathable
  • Absorbent
  • Super Comfy


Bulla Baby Regular Modern Cloth  Nappies

Bulla Baby range of Regular Modern Cloth Nappies are stylish and functional.
They fit babies from birth upto toilet training (3kgs -15kgs).


Double Row Snaps with double gussetes for maximum protection against leaks.
Soft inner suede lining.
Outer is soft and breathable PUL or Minky fabric.
Comes with one microfibre insert for maximum absorbency.
Modern Cloth Nappies reduce landfill and are better for the environment.
They are a cost effective alternative to disposable nappies.


Additional information

Weight 125 g

Army, Batman, Blue Camo, Blue Leopard, Brown Animals, Bumble bee, Butterflies, Camo, Cow, Cupcake, Flames, Heena, Icecream, Mouthstache, Ninja Turtles, Owls, Peppa Pig, Pink and purple dots, Pink Leopard, Pirates, Purple Circles, Purple Hearts, Rainbow Chevron, Spiderman, Starwars, Tiger, Tweety, White Animals, White Flowers, Winnie d pooh, Zebra, Zoo

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