Babiators Baby Sunglasses – Polarized




Polarized Babiators are the perfect choice for your baby’s or toddler’s active outdoor lifestyle. Babiators polarized baby sunglasses cut harsh glare from the sun and protect your little ones eyes. They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection so there is no squinting even on the sunniest days. The polarized lense enhances vision through the glare off the water to check out the fish below.

Gorgeous prints and lenses will rock their world! Celebrity style and kid-proof design make these a great gift for any child, and parents will love them too!

They are so durable that even your little monster will not break break them! Kid safe navigator design makes the sunglasses stylish and fun to wear.

What makes Babiators polarized baby sunglasses so Awesome??

Sun Safety is very important for little eyes as they don’t process UV radiation as well as adults. Babiators polarized baby sunglasses provide 100% UVA and 100% UVB sun protection.  Cut through the harsh glare of the sun. The lenses are impact and shatter resistant. The rubber frame flexes which means they won’t break when you bend or twist them. They are tough enough to withstand  anything your little one throws at it!

They are safe, durable and awesome! Come with cloud sunglasses case.

Babiators Lost and Found Guarantee

Worried if your little one breaks or losses their new babiators sunglasses? Don’t be, Babiators polarized baby sunglasses come with Lost and Found guarantee!
If broken or lost  within one year of purchase, Babiators replaces them…Guaranteed! These stylish sunglasses are coveted by celebrity kids and young hipsters across the globe, and they make a great gift for any child.


babiators baby sunglasses bending


Babiators help little jet-setters be stylish, safe and have fun, all at the same time. Available in a range of colours to suit every fashionable child.


  • Junior – fits most Babies and Toddlers from 0-2 years.
  • Classic – fits most kids 3-5 years old
  • Please see our Babiators kids sunglasses for big kids 6+ yrs
  • Fit can vary from child to child as all heads are different shapes and sizes. If you are unsure on the sizing for your child we recommend ordering the size up.

Please note: Replacement guarantee is from Babiators and not from Bulla Baby. Please register your babiators on once you receive them and within one month of purchase. Proof of purchase is required to claim another pair.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

classic-3-5yrs, black-with-blue-lense, classic-3-5yrs, white-with-yellow-lense, junior-0-2yrs, white-with-yellow-lense, classic-3-5yrs, puppy-love, junior-0-2yrs, puppy-love, junior-0-2yrs, black-with-blue-lense

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