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Our polished amber teething necklace is a safe and natural alternative to relieving baby from uncomfortable teething pain. Popular with Australian mothers who are seeking a natural pain relief baltic amber has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in Europe. Natural Baltic amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees that grew over 50 million years ago in Northern Europe, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

How do Amber necklaces work?

Our polished amber teething necklace is handmade from 100% authentic Baltic Amber. Amber beads are polished and individually knotted on a string to make a necklace.  Amber beads naturally contain succinic acid (healing oils). It is claimed that when worn against your child’s skin, the skin’s warmth releases the amber’s healing oils (succinic acid), which have anti-inflammatory properties, restoring calm to a tired and irritated child. It helps with red checks, drolling and pain. Amber necklaces are used as a natural way to provide pain relief without the use of medicines and synthetic gels. Baltic amber also helps with growing pains.

Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

Baltic Amber necklaces are not to be chewed on. Baby amber necklaces are approx 30cm – 32 cm and should sit on the skin just under the neck.  They can be kept tucked under clothing so baby doesn’t pull on it. Amber necklaces should be removed while bathing or swimming as the water may weaken the string. Babies and children must be supervised while wearing the necklace. It should be removed while baby is sleeping.  We recommend using amber jewellery for babies from six months of age. Amber teething bracelets/anklets can be used if babies are younger than six months. The beads are individually knotted on each side with a screw on safety clasp. Should the necklace break, only one bead will be released.  Even if the bead is swallowed, amber is non-toxic.

Also available in raw amber

Please Note: Colours and bead size may vary from pictures shown as this product is handmade.

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