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Red cheeks, constant drolling, unsettled baby? They are all signs of teething. Some babies teeth faster than others. Amber teething bracelets are designed with the younger babies in mind. Natural pain relief for babies that are too young to wear an amber necklace just yet.

Measuring approximately 13-14cm in length they can still be worn against the skin around the wrist or ankle, and safely tuck away under clothing, perfect for when baby is asleep. They are the perfect complement to Amberocks teething necklaces and a perfect starting option until the child is old enough to wear a necklace.

What makes Amberocks teething bracelets the best?

Our bracelets are handmade from 100% authentic Baltic Amber. Amber beads are polished and individually knotted on a string to make a bracelet.  Amber beads naturally contain succinic acid (healing oils). It is claimed that when worn against your child’s skin, the skin’s warmth releases the amber’s healing oils (succinic acid), which have anti-inflammatory properties, restoring calm to a tired and irritated child. It helps with red checks, drolling and pain. Amber necklaces are used as a natural way to provide pain relief without the use of medicines and synthetic gels. Baltic amber also helps with growing pains.

Raw amber is known to be more effective as it is in its natural state. Recommended for babies with gas and colic. Each amber bead is completely unique. That’s what makes it so special. But this also means each of our products shape and colour, may be slightly different to what is pictured. All orders come with one of our sweet hand stamped keepsake bags included. Baltic amber teething bracelets should be kept away from other jewellery so if you are not wearing it, it’s best to keep in a soft cloth bag.

Perfect gift for little ones.


Safety Instructions

Safety for young children is very important when using the amber necklaces and bracelets. It is important that you follow these instructions
• Do not allow your child to place the amber in their mouth or play with the necklace. This will prevent any potential choking hazard.
• Supervise your child at all time when wearing the necklace
• Remove necklace whilst your child is sleeping. If you want you could put a bracelet on your child or wind the necklace around their ankle and safely cover with clothing.
• With correct care your amber should last for many years, but due to its brittle nature we recommend you check the amber beads for cracks and damage

All children’s jewellery is individually knotted ensuring that if a breakage does occur, only one bead will come free. The screw clasp is designed to give way when force is applied. This is a safety feature of the necklace and therefore not covered by warranty.


Caring for your Amber

Your amber should last you many years if you care for this ‘living’ stone with the care and respect it deserves.

Never use a harsh cloth to clean your amber. Buff it softly with a micro fibre cloth like you would use on glasses.
Avoid contact with household cleaners, soaps, hairsprays and other hair products, shampoo and conditioner, extreme heat and chemicals.
If your amber has lost its shine rinse under cool water, buff with a soft cloth and add the tiniest amount of olive oil to a soft polishing cloth.
Store your amber in a cool dark place wrapped in a soft cloth. Please do not store with other jewellery as it can scratch easily. Amber darkens with age due to oxidation. Storing it well away from heat and fluorescent lights will help if from being discoloured
Avoid wearing your necklace in the shower or swimming. Frequent wetting and drying can weaken the thread on the jewellery.

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